I have been doing underwater photography since 2010. I quickly realized that just diving and looking around is a pretty boring business and I rented compact camera. It was my first underwater photography experience and I was very excited though had got mediocre shots. Next step was the dSLR camera…

Here I upload my shots for friends, buddies, hobbyists and anyone else.


Ocean Geographic Society. Pictures of the Year 2014. Honourable mention. Category “Portrait”.
Scuba Diving magazine’s photo contest 2014. 1st place. Category “Macro”.
DPG Monthly contest. February 2014. 2nd place.
World Shootout 2013. 1st place. Category “Wrecks of the World”.
Through The Lens 2013. Honourable mention. Category “Animal behaviour”.
OCEANS 2013. Finalist. Category “Flora and Fauna”.

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